Planning and Scheduling

Orchestrate is state of the art, easy to use planning and scheduling software. It is perfect for production scheduling, capacity planning, and bottleneck analysis

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Process Improvement Using Simulation

Improve productivity, increase efficiency, eliminate waste, reduce lead times, minimise Work In Progress, optimise stock levels and cut costs. Accelerate the implementation of Lean Six Sigma, improvement initiatives.

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The Consulting Team at Production Modelling have a successful track record of software implementation and consulting in manufacturing, logistics, business reengineering, health care, government, pharmaceuticals and financial services.

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Our products are easy to use and quick to learn. Naturally we offer training in all our products to ensure a quick return on your investment.

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Orchestrate Production Scheduling Software and Process Simulation Software

Welcome to a whole new world of process improvement opportunities! State-of-the-art, easy-to-use planning software, scheduling software and simulation software, process flow optimisation, modelling and planning tools combined with decades of experience guarantee a step-change success, 100% of the time!

Introduction to Planning and Scheduling Software

Orchestrate from Production Modelling is state-of-the-art, easy-to-use production planning and scheduling software for Day to Day Scheduling, Capacity Planning and ‘What if’ Analysis.

Orchestrate scheduling software can help you make good and timely planning and scheduling decisions using clear, well presented information within a Gantt chart. Orchestrate is extremely easy-to-use, quick to implement, and can be integrated easily with existing systems and procedures. Orchestrate production scheduling software includes high-end functionality at desk-top prices. With Orchestrate, the planning function can also be far more proactive. Using its powerful 'what if' capability, you can investigate how best to increase production efficiencies, while still improving delivery.


Introduction to Process Simulation Software

Experimenting with new ideas using simulation software before you make changes is common sense. It takes the risk out of change, resulting in real benefits for your business. Whatever your objectives, our unique approach utilising state-of-art simulation software removes risk, takes the guesswork out, smooths implementation and helps you make the best decision, faster.


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